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Oz Group Offers

  • On job training and mentoring
  • A variety of online training workshops and webinars
  • Face to face group workshops, offered for all team members in a variety of areas, for personal and professional development
  • Ongoing management, leadership and development training
  • Access to formal and recognised qualifications
  • Opportunity and advancement for emerging leaders
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Employee of the Month – RespectInnovationSafetyExcellence the winner receives a $150 Gift Voucher
  • Celebrations and Team events – We get together to celebrate birthdays, cultural diversity, and special holidays
  • Health and wellbeing initiatives
  • Oz Group uniforms supplied to permanent employees
  • Discounts on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from a local provider
  • Great location away from the CBD of Coffs Harbour with free and secure on-site parking

Oz Group Co-Op Ltd is proudly a 100% Australian farmer-owned co-operative, formed in 2001 growing, nurturing, and producing blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

At Oz Group, every day is an opportunity to make a positive impact on people’s lives, fellow team members, and the ecology when you work with us you can be assured that Oz Group is:

 Sustainable Ecologically Friendly

As a Certified as a Freshcare business, we are passionate about growing, packing, and distributing, safe, sustainable, quality produce. Supplying a variety of delicious, flavoursome, nutritious berries to homes, cafes, restaurants supermarkets and fruit sellers all over Australia.

 Equal Opportunity Employer

Providing regular employment to the Mid North Coast and Northern Rivers of NSW, Oz Group enjoys the varied, and unique cultures of those employed; embraces diversity in the workplace and is committed to equal opportunities for all Team Members. Oz Group is dedicated to its legal obligations in relation to this and strives to provide an environment free of discrimination, harassment, and vilification.


Oz Group understands the important role that the Group can play in respecting and promoting human rights and eradicating modern slavery. Modern slavery describes situations in which coercion, threats or deception are used to exploit victims and undermine their freedom. Modern slavery can take many forms including slavery, servitude, forced labour debt bondage, deceptive recruiting for labour or services, child labour and forced marriage.

The Oz Group Board and Senior Management have developed and are committed to this Modern Slavery Policy (Policy), which articulates the Group’s commitment to respecting and promoting human rights and to addressing modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.


For when the challenges of life come your way, Oz Group supports employees with confidential counselling through an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The EPA can assist with common issues include stress, burnout, conflict, bullying, trauma, critical incidents and termination as well as personal issues such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and substance abuse, gambling, relationship issues and domestic violence.

The aim of counselling is to help resolve both workplace and personal issues before they adversely impact an employee’s personal well-being and work performance.

Cultivate Connections at Oz Group

We know how vital fresh, wholesome food is to the way our customers live, work, and feel, which is why we are passionate about supplying berries of the highest quality, good value for money and “deliciousness.”

We also want to nurture and watch our people grow their careers, their dreams, and their goals through experiences at Oz Group that empower them and enable them to live their passion and find their purpose.

No matter our roles, we’re visible, accessible, friendly, energetic, confident, and optimistic.

We connect with our community and our surroundings by supporting organisations that do good and by minimising our impact on the environment.

We’re positive about the future and the world we live in, inspiring our consumers and our people to live a fruitful, and better life every day.

We invite you to connect with us and discover how we can do this together.

Fruit Packer

  • This is an exciting role, one where you get up close to the produce
  • Safe food handling is especially critical in this role
  • There are 7 blueberry packing machines within the Oz Group Packhouse
  • Each machine requires approximately 10 team members to operate it
  • A Fruit Packer is required to undertake different jobs throughout the shift as all jobs are rotated
  • There are long periods on your feet and some roles are physically demanding

Machine Operator

  • There is 1 Machine Operator per packing machine
  • The Machine Operator is responsible for ensuring the safe, effective and efficient operations of the packing process
  • This role requires excellent communication skills
  • Machine Operators must provide clear and concise instructions to packers
  • This role ensures machines and workstations are correctly set up prior to starting
  • They provide support to the packers on the line through timely and proficient problem identification and resolution
  • Machine Operators are responsible for accurate data entry, including clocking team members in and out of shifts
  • Must be mechanically minded with experience in troubleshooting
Machine Operator